1/12 This is an updated #EV #ElectricVehicle thread for 2020.

It includes current info on initiatives to create #SustainableSolutions using electric cars, trucks, buses, trains, bicycles and more for #transportation.

It also looks at #battery technology updates to support same.
4/12 Detractors often rant about 'How Bad Batteries Are: Mining Is Terrible!" without anything more than images of open mines and suffering faces: it's manipulation, folks.

Read about the facts of EV life-cycle analysis and raw material availability here:
5/12 Public transportation is a key part of helping solve the #ClimateEmergency by moving away from #FossilFuels. Vancouver's leading the way with #EV buses that charge in a mere 5 minutes:


😍This idea is even BETTER than a bus:
9/12 Rapidly advancing #BatteryTech is testing all sorts of new ways to store more energy with less weight, and THIS one looks to be a true game-changer:


Batteries have worked the same way for over a century and it's LONG past time to move things ahead.
12/12 All about the different types of batteries, costs, environmental impacts and future outlook:


Well, that's it for this thread. for now.⚡️😁

Please add any more related articles you think will help further public understanding of how great #EVs are!
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