A CBI inquiry has been ordered in the #HathrasCase. For it to be a truly fair inquiry the following officers have to be questioned by the CBI.
1) DM Praveen Kumar. Not only should he be charged for threatening the family but also his role in destruction of evidence..
Did Praveen Kumar give orders for the hurried cremation? Doesn’t burning the victim’s body amount to destroying evidence? The threats given to the family was meant to influence the probe and get them to toe the govt line. Why was he trying to protect the rapists?
The second officer who needs to be questioned is DGP HC Awasthy. Like @brajeshlive says his phones need to be seized to see whether he had given instructions to the SP to burn the body hurriedly. Did he instruct ADG (L&O) to do a press conference to declare there was no rape?
How can @Uppolice declare there wasn’t rape even before the report of it’s own SIT? How can the police take this line so prematurely when there was the dying declaration of the victim and the law clearly states semen isn’t necessary to determine rape? Why did it mislead?
Who ordered the tapping of the phones of the victim’s family as well as journalists? Who leaked out the tapped conversation? Both are grossly illegal acts. BJP IT cell head has accepted the tapping was done by the govt. The CBI must probe why this was done and recommend action
The CBI must also interrogate Prem Prakash Meena, the SDM, who was at the forefront of all the abuse and intimidation and violence. Whose orders was Mr Meena following? Action has to be taken against him.
Till the time strong action isn’t taken against all these officers, the Hathras case would not act as a deterrent to other officers drunk on power who abuse authority with impunity. It’s impossible for the police to stop all rapes. But it’s possible for govts to ensure action
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