So we are learning that just like the President knew how serious COVID would be, did nothing and let the virus spread uncontrollably, we may be in the midst of a similar DC/national outbreak now that he knew about, kept quiet, allowed to spread and it is taking off.
The DC govt, @MayorBowser needs to holding a press conference today, now, explaining what the plan is to contain the spread of what could be a massive outbreak.

We are seeing 2nd order vectors - Indiana, Ohio, the campaign/RNC, US Senate - this thing has already spread.
It is literally unbelievable given how many lives are at stake here the Administration isn't being straight with us.

And doesn't the WH/Secret Service/Intel community have an obligation to inform Biden of potential threats to his life?
Severity of President's symptoms suggest infection is not recent. Poss timeline:

Fri week ago - POTUS infects RNC Chair
Sat - POTUS infects many at ACB event
Mon/Tue - POTUS infects campaign staff, Hicks, Cleveland workers
Thur - POTUS symptomatic

Likely 1st pos test Mon/Tue.
Know there's a lot going- but hope someone is working on whether the President has caused a new and serious national COVID outbreak, and whether anyone is doing anything ( @SecAzar @MayorBowser) to stop its spread.

We now have cases in DC, IN, MI, NJ, OH....

cc @maustermuhle
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