The strategy of pushing for MORE regulation not deregulation, when the market is running amok is what progressives & Dems typically advocate for. But not when it comes to real estate, in part b/c savvy RE PR folk have distracted us with: NIMBYs!!!
#YIMBY #RealEstateDems
It wasn't NIMBYs who pushed for millions of sq ft of commercial development for #CreativeClass & big corp tax cuts n urban cores. Receipts will likely show it was quite the opposite.

Wasnt NIMBYs who pushed 4 divestment & destabilization in now "up-and-coming" BIPOC hoods.
Those were political-corporate decisions (like they have ALWAYS been) & it has created (sum say intentionally) the current public crisis.

Its gonna take big govt intervention & lots of public-private $$$ to correct it.

#1: more govt regs b/c #ItsTheSpeculationStupid
An entire class & substantial portions of BIPOC r being systemically locked out of homeownership & thereby being put in a state of near permanent unstable housing. #RentHikes #RepealCostaHawkins

Entire BIPOC communities are being wiped off the map. #gentrification
The racial & urban policy implications of this r substantial.

It's got near nothing to do with opposition to market-rate units in hoods that have been "at-risk" for any multitude of reasons for decades.
This isnt 2 say Cupertino shouldnt b building more housing at all levels. They should! But that aint the problem n the hood.

The "We Buy Houses 4 Cash" signs & predatory lending is happening n Crenshaw & Compton-not Cupertino. That b the problem here. So dont make it worse!
Btw I do favor "greasing the wheels" 4 affordable housing - b/c again that's how smart govt reg works!

If market isnt building it, create a fast lane. But when that fast lane is open 2 market-rate too it negates the effect & increases land values which makes AH more difficult!
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