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thread of threads with useful information on what's going on in armenia & artsakh + threads with donation links. (im gonna update this if i find more)

huge thread with a lot of useful information https://twitter.com/hundreddletters/status/1310557568754946050
azeris often spam with the khojaly massacre whenever anyone supports armenia. here's a thread on that https://twitter.com/sar_u_dzor/status/1284030227052744705
armenophobia (fear, dislike, or hatred of the armenians) in azerbaijan (thread)
cultural heritage of armenia in turkey and azerbaijan (thread) https://twitter.com/sar_u_dzor/status/1286201373223264258
thread with trustworthy donation links https://twitter.com/kipobrainrot/status/1312288716610658304
since many of my armenian friends are getting s-worded on twitter dot com for no reason lately, i thought i'd leave this useful thread on how to recover your account here as well. check it if you or someone you know has their account suspended https://twitter.com/mrkflrts/status/1308851588807696388
events described in this thread go back to july 2020 when azerbaijan attacked tavush province of armenia. armenian diaspora across the world were peacefully protesting against the azerbaijani aggression and got attacked by azeris and turks several times https://twitter.com/belllaaax_/status/1287471445023453184
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