Escape the Paradox of Choice

Unleash your decision-making power

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We make hundreds of choices a day.

- What shirt to wear?

- When should I take a shower?

- Which can of soup do I want?

They tire you the fuck out.
That + not eating or sleeping properly = juicing up your brain with a fucked up charger

Not good.

I've been there before. It's Hell.

So how do you free yourself?
4 steps:

- Automate

- Regulate

- Effectuate

- Debate

For the most basic decisions

→ Managing your phone bill

→ Selecting a workout time

Set up autopay like me, and you're on your way.

No thoughts on it, no stress.

For time-intensive, unimportant tasks

→ Twitter engagement

→ Checking e-mails

Set a time window, stick to it, don't let it burn you out.

Because without limits, you will waste time.

For important, quick decisions

→ Picking up the Mrs. after a community group meeting

→ Eating breakfast with your family

What's the trick?

Nike's slogan: Just do it.

It's an easy choice, keep it easy.

For important, timely decisions

→ Choosing where to settle down

→ Looking for a life partner

Don't rush these decisions.

THESE are worth your time.

They matter.

Go over it in your head, talk to your friends and family.
One of the books I've read this year is the Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz.

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One key lesson?

When your brain gets flooded, it TANKS.

Like when your phone overheats and shuts down.

Too many choices = you choose worse OR don't choose
Don't let that be your story.

Set constraints on choices.

Automate others.

Focus on important decisions.

Your brain is a fucking beast, stop letting the modern world shackle it.
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