So we are going to hear from the President’s *osteopath* and not from a reliable doctor from Walter Reed?
WH doctor Sean Conley briefing with a phalanx of doctors behind him, which hopefully is for more than show.
The doctors and nurses with Conley *appear* to be the White House medical corps; Conley says President is doing well.

Another doctor says Trump is not on oxygen atm.
Conley says Trump is fever free for 24hrs. Says he has “plenty of work” from the Chief if Staff.
Conley refuses to say if Trump *was* on supplement al oxygen.
Whoa, Conley says Trump asked about being put in prone position on Thursday night?
Asked if Trump is on steroids they end the presser fairly abruptly.

Lots of vague answers and fluff.
I am no doctor but they cherry picked what to answer or not and who knows if it’s just reflexive evasiveness or something more dire.

This is what comes from lying all the time about everybody.
The president’s doctor says he was diagnosed 72 hrs ago that means he went to fundraiser KNOWING he was infected
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