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POTUS isn’t sick
POTUS isn’t there
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Same Jacket, Same Tie, Same Pin, Same Mask

Both times to Walter Reed

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Walter Reed thread 5 of 5

Drop 35 Insulated on AF1


Date used in ASIA would be Oct 4 2020

Drop 13 POTUS traveling to China/SK

"I've said too much" - 17
Adding this video from @SilentAsThunder

5 sticker flags were added to make it easier to see the movement of the video from @realDonaldTrump

Focus on the far right flag and the line in the cabinet

Either Walter Reed is at 40,000 Feet or he’s on AF1 as 17 said he’d be 😎
Clear your mind
Plug in
Listen for yourself

Not at Walter Reed
Not on a ship

He’s on AF1 as 17 told us he’d be
H/T to @MericaWinsAgain who's a pilot

Who perfectly describes the difference between the sounds of Marine One running outside vs what you would hear inside AF1.

Always great to have an Expert to Confirm!!!

That's why I love this movement.
There's always someone here to ADD
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