THREAD: Over 60 GPs including @Dr_Ellie and @drphilhammond have written to @MattHancock to "urgently wish" gov't considers "non-Covid harms
and deaths with equal standing as the reported deaths from Covid" adding: "Public health goes beyond deaths and ICU beds"
While they supported initial lockdown now "the harms to long term health and wellbeing begin to outweigh the benefits". They are "concerned due to mounting data and real world experience, that the one-track
response threatens more lives and livelihoods than Covid-lives saved".
They say there is a "concerning signal" that child suicide death rates in the UK increased during
lockdown + after lockdown "restriction to education and other activities, disruption to care and support services, tensions at home and isolation appeared to be contributing factors"
They also say there was an impact on older shielding population with multiple long-term health conditions who "experienced higher levels of depression,
anxiety and loneliness compared with those who were not shielding and were more likely to
be less physically active than usual"
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