I'm Soo pissed and dejected right now. If not for covid 19 that made my small school shut down. Nobody would have humiliated me like this in the name of interview because you want to give me job. Ffs, I'm coming to add value to your organization not like I'm a beggar.
I was already excited to take on this new job and start my life afresh. Woke up early, dressed, made up and got there early prepared to give my best and answer meaningful and intelligent questions.
It got to my turn for the interview, I got into the room, greeted everyone there with a smile, then sat down on the seat kept for the applicants. Then next thing, the interviewer goes: stand up! Who asked you to sit? I stood up and apologized and then asked if I may sit?
He says no, I'm like okayy... Then he says who invited you here, I replied that I got a text from the school to come from the interview and then he asked from who specifically, I said probably bthe admin he asked for the name I said their was no name. So he said I was in the
Wrong place, and that I should use the door as I was not invited. I made for the door, and then he called me back and asked me to sit. Hot tears swelled up in my eyes and dropped on my cheeks. Then he goes further to ask me about myself, I tried to speak but my voice was shaking
It was then I knew I couldn't go on. I stood up and told them I wanted to leave and can't continue the interview. The other members of the panel started explaining to me how I was wrong by sitting down on a seat kept for me and that I should not go but rather apologize n continue
I insisted admist tears and left the room. I don't know if I was wrong but it all didn't sit well with me. Asking me to leave, then calling me back, I mean are we playing hide and seek here. I'm home now and still very hurt. I'm even crying as I'm typing this.
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