3 October 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis

Setting Up For The Final Run - Major Chart Work

Our entire nation sits in hope, fear, and some strange new how, solidarity with our President and our First Lady. As they face Covid head on, personally, together, we all pause.
2) I didn't verify it, but if the headline I saw is true and Biden is pulling all negative ads for the moment, then my hat's off to him and his team. It may be expedient, but if so, it's one of those rare moments when expedience and doing the right thing are the same.
3) If anyone tells you today that they can call the coming election outcome, tell them they're a liar or an idiot or both. The what ifs are exploding right now. The term for that is imponderable. We're at a chaos moment, an impossible to predict explosion of factors.
4) What we can predict is that a new order will find its way to us sooner or later. Can't know when or even how, but we absolutely do know that it will. I want to share a story I once heard about such moments and then turn to some major chart work together.
5) I don't remember where I blundered into this story, fact actually, but I am pretty confident it's right. During WWII, as I heard it, the Hershey Chocolate company was one of the most beloved in the world. Oh, I remember where I first heard this! My father told me!
6) He fought in New Guinea, the Philippines and then shipped with McArthur into Japan for the occupation. If I recall it right, he was telling me about liberating POW camps in the Philippines when he mentioned Hershey's Chocolate bars being dropped down in care packs.
7) I'm pretty sure I've seen this depicted in film too. I think I remember my father telling me he saw this, and I think he termed it "the taste of freedom." I also believe this occured in the Third Reich's interment and death camps upon liberation as well. Can you imagine?
8) I share those fuzzy memories as an example of the beginnings of order setting in following the long night of chaos. Another example might be the election of George Washington's 1789 election as 1st President of these United States following the Confederation's run from 1776.
9) I have this faith. We, We The People of these United States will make it through to our next stage of true progress, to the next stage of our endeavor towards an ever-improving more perfect Union. That is my dream, and I hope yours too.
10) You might be surprised that an artful reading of charts can help us manage - or muddle less badly - our way through the chaotic challenges we face as a people. Now, fair warning must be given. I'm going to truly LOVE creating this thread. Meaning...
11) Some of you will remember our metaphor of chefs and diners, yes? Most people just want to eat the great food, and have ZERO interest in how it's made. When I go into major chart analysis work, in my zen mode of detail romance, well, this is the chef's area, yes?
12) Interested diners are absolutely welcome, yet, please know, no allowance or preference will be granted to impatience over how long it takes to both make and describe the making of our delicious repast. You're in the kitchen now, kids. Got it? Here goes...
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