My periodic reminder. Right Wing is a legitimate political ideology. Supremacy of a religion or a race is not RW. Nobody called Nazis RW. Nobody called RSS RW before 2012-13. This is their ploy to seek legitimacy. Don't favour them by calling them RW. Fascism is not Right Wing.
When you think of RW, think of Republican Party in the US. Think of Rajaji's Swatantra Party in India. The last RW politicians in India were Piloo Mody and Minoo Masani. RSS is trying to appropriate the vacant RW space. They even bought over Swantantra magazine of that party.
Right Wing is conservative. Right Wing is what Socialism is not. Right Wing is free enterprise. RW is legitimate, as an ideology opposed to the left wing welfare state. But RW is not about supremacy of a religion or race. Fascism is not Right Wing.
Right Wing believes in democracy. RW believes in individual freedom. RW believes in human rights. RW is only opposed to a socialist welfare state. Don't give RSS legitimacy by calling them RW. Fascism is not RW.
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