The sequence of events in the #Hathras rape case exposing UP Police & Yogi Administration:

#HathrasTruthExposed: Aap chronology acchi tarha samaj lijiye:

1. UP Police tweeted rape news as fake news to coverup
2. IAS Officer Shishir intimidated anyone tweeting the news with FIR
3. DM Hathras intimidated the victim family to change the statement #HathrasCase
4. Refused to hand over the dead body for final rites
5. Forced cremation at midnight using petrol
6. Imposed Section 144 on Dalits & free pas to UC
7. Declared the village as COVID containment zone
8. Did not allow opposition leaders @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi
9. Coverup by Uttar Pradesh ADG, Prashant Kumar, “No sperm, so no rape"
10. Hired PR agency 'Concept PR' for propaganda
11. Phone tapping of the victim #HathrasTapes
12. Narcotic tests of the victim family
13. Allahabad HC had ordered SP & DM Hathras to be present in court on 12th
14. House arrest of the UP opposition leader @AjayLalluINC
15. Heavy police deployment at UP border to seal the entry #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia
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