There are people right now practising their fall...

- Priyanka has to ensure her nose will remain intact.

- Shashi must get that hair flick right.

- Gehlot is happy no one is paying attention to him so he’s pushing that handsome, English-speaking wishwash to take a roll.
- Surjewala not only has to fall but has to brief us why Rahul’s act is tough to follow.
Everyone, after all, is not motivated by erm ... a bush.
- Mamata is checking if it’s possible to do it right with her arms still firmly across her chest.

- Pawar is hoping it will rain.
-Udhav is not sure if he can leave Mumbai in case not only him, but his govt falls as well.

As for Akhilesh....who cares if he falls.
His nose is broken anyway.
- Kejriwal won’t take the roll till he’s slapped.

- Owaisi’s brother first wants to be assured of 15 minutes....

All set.
Now let’s see who goes for it tomorrow.

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