How hard is it for the government in power to get a government hospital to "manage" an autopsy, especially when the body is burned in a hurry in the middle of the night leaving no evidence? #HathrasCase
If there was nothing to hide, why did the cops burn the body of the victim in the middle of the night like it was the body of a dead stray animal? Why was this done against the wishes of the family members? #HathrasCase
4 scoundrels raped the poor girl. Why is the government trying to hush things up and protect them by diluting the case & maligning the victim? Why can't it simply follow the law? No one would have blamed Yogi for a rape if rules were followed, FIRs lodged in time and action taken
People are not stupid. There will always be criminals. No one expects the CM to stand guard next to every woman and protect her. All he had to do was to have the cops act fast & try their best to deliver justice. Nobody would have blamed him.
Now look how much disrepute he has brought upon himself by trying to hush things up and harassing that family! Vinaasakaale Vipareetabuddhi.
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