Today I am traveling in a district in UP which has substantial Scheduled Caste population and which has seen 4-5 rape-murders of SC girls in a month. Quite a high nunber, this is.

A few takeaways:
Everybody said such crimes have increased. They squarely blame police for it accusing them of poor law and order as well as ill-treating SCs. Several said cops of one caste are dominating
Hurried cremation of body after post-mortem to avoid agitations seems to be a norm rather than an exception. In one village, people said they had to do a lot of struggle to get the body back in their village as police was ready to burn it in outskirts in a hurry
Perpetrators are mostly SCs themselves. In one case it was Muslim, in one, OBC. All local opposition leaders, including Bhim Army members, visited the victim families.
But the fact that party heads picked up only Hathras, because accused are Thakurs, clearly shows their politics
The way Rahul Gandhi has targetted an entire Thakur community by blaming "vishesh varg" for the crime, and others are maligning UCs in general instead of calling for police reforms, is quite disgusting.
The issue of increasing rape-murders
and police laxity however is true
I would add a point about police treatment of bodies after post mortem here. It's not only in UP. I recall that in Haryana, family did not get to see the body at all. In Bihar, family had to bury it as Muslims, who were also the peeps, insisted on that. Both dalit cases.
Also, Rahul Gandhi isn't popular. Even the villagers laughed at the "great fall".
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