we were discussing the #HathrasCase in my political science lecture today and here are some very important statements by my professor
“by focusing on the brutality and scale of physical damage to a sexual violence case it gives people the power to decide what constituents rape”
“caste based violence has been an issue since the start, rapes have often been used to humiliate a particular lower caste community as the notion of “our dignity lies in a woman’s vagina” has always been made prevalent in societies ”
“dalit identity of the woman was known, hence the police intimidated the family and disposed the evidence hence proved systematic violence against lower cast”
“the system is more partial to a lower cast woman, she was already likely to be taken less seriously if she was to speak about her assault since she would’ve been considered powerless because of her caste”
“getting justice to this we will have to attack every aspect of our society,
including lack sexuality education from a young age, lack of responsible and reliable judiciary and police authorities, legal systems, and most importantly the caste system“
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