Holy crap.

Who the hell is this blithering imbecile? You have to listen to him.

@realDonaldTrump, did you know that all you need is love? And ARSON?
I have never in my life come across a person with such a bubbling stew of clichés and superficiality and slogans and rotten eggs fermenting inside his head.

If Hitler had been shown a little love after he came to power, World War II could've been averted.

Bored, pampered, safe rich white people get to burn down black-owned businesses because they're angry about the Federal Reserve.
Hitler gets love and empathy, but hardworking, law-abiding businesses owners get to DIE.

This bastard is typical of the leftist adoration of murderers.

"What happened to him to make him do what he did?"

I know EXACTLY what happened to Hitler.
He was the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and his third wife, Klara Pölzl.

Alois was a psycho who beat Adolf so badly that Adolf had to be hospitalized.

The camera never lies. He was a monster.
Klara Hitler was a dishrag who babied Adolf but didn't protect him from Alois.
Hitler was a frightened infant.

Of course.
Guess what?


Then we become adults, and we CHOOSE whether to be evil or not.

Plenty of people showed Hitler love and empathy.

He was perfectly capable of sparing people when he chose.
Eduard Bloch was the Hitler family physician in Austria.

He was Jewish.

Because he went out of his way to intervene to save Adolf from his father was often as he could, Hitler put him on the "DO NOT HARM" list.

He was untouched by the Nazis.
Hitler CHOSE to commit evil, knowing full well that HE WAS COMMITTING EVIL.

People like that Ian who refuse to admit to the existence of evil are COPPING OUT.

It takes moral clarity to JUDGE people and find them wanting.
But Ian himself is evil because he says rich, pampered, safe white people are justified in ruining the lives of working class black people over the Federal Reserve.

I've seen FAR TOO MUCH murder in my life, so I'm burned out.
But I approve of men and women taking out the garbage if they can.

I have empathy for Hitler the baby.

I have ZERO empathy for Hitler the dictator.

ALL dictators had horrible childhoods.

ALL violent criminals did too.

They still have to be punished.
But leftists LOVE murderers as the ultimate rebels.

Leftists see themselves as revolutionaries.

They're too frigging stupid to see that Trump is the most radical revolutionary in human history.

I'll tell you a secret:
The most earth-changing people who ever lived--good or bad--wore and wear business suits.

There was an anti-Trump.

He hid in plain sight.

In his business suit.

He was invisible.

Until you looked into his eyes.

And then your blood froze.
He was the real thing.

It's good that Hannibal Lecter is the limit of most people's imaginations.

He's boring as hell to me.

They all are.

Cartoon characters.


I'll know we're in trouble when we start seeing the real thing.
But I don't think we will.

I think the anti-Trump was a one-off.

He would've made Hitler crap his pants in terror.

But if you think the right words can talk someone out of being evil, you're too stupid to be let out alone on the street.
You need one of those toddler harnesses.

The question always asked is, "If you could go back in time and kill Hitler before he became dictator, would you?"

Of course not.

Hitler wasn't the problem.

The entire era was the problem.
Killing Hitler would've simply delayed World War II.

Some one else would've taken his place.

It could've been someone with genuine military skill.

THAT means we would've lost the war.

The entire world was screwed up at the time.
There wasn't a single country on the planet that wasn't insane at the time.

Wars don't just HAPPEN.

They're CAUSED.

The era of world wars is over.

We just don't have the same dynamics and cultures anymore.
Love and empathy are fine except in geopolitics.

Leftists have shown us that empathetic diplomacy doesn't work.

What you do is ask each side, "What would it take for you to make a deal?"

That's how Trump got Serbia and Kosovo to essentially make peace.
Currently Azerbaijan and Armenia are fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, part of Azerbaijan but inhabited almost exclusively by Armenians.

The last war was in 1994. It killed 30,000 people.

This is an ethno-religious war, but that's just the rationale.
The Azeris are virtually secular despite being nominally Shia Muslim, and the Armenians are by no means devout Orthodox Christians.

But it's a tribal feud going back forever.

And of course Turkey and Russia are throwing gasoline on the fire.
The Turks back the Azeris, and the Russians the Armenians.

The Turks have allegedly sent in Syrian cannon fodder, and of course Russia has sent in "mercenaries" for the Wagner Group.

Let's see Ian show Erdogan and Putin some love and empathy.
In reality, of course, Erdogan and Putin need to keep being handed military defeats until they stop.

Too bad for their hapless troops, but it's either wipe them out or let them wreak havoc.

November 3 can't come soon enough.
THAT is the sort of love we need.

Not the "love" reserved for murderers, rapists, and arsonists.


I don't care about perpetrators.

We've all got hard-luck stories.
If I'd chosen to take out my rage on the world, I would've DESERVED to end up sizzling in the electric chair.

All evil is volitional.

A choice.

Bad choices must never be excused, rationalized, or rewarded.

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