Why @urstrulyMahesh don't have Pan India Craze??

#SarkaruVaariPaata #MaheshBabu
Before TFI know Pan India Film, He was known to whole bollywood
His #BharatAneNenu showed impact on Indian Traffic rules & whole India discussed about it

#Maharshi - Film on Prime with most languages subtitles
Adopted son of TamilNadu 🔥🔥
Disaster Brahmotsavam emerged as 2016 chennai city highest grosser
Even his #BharatAneNenu broke Bahubali 2 record and became all time No.1
Even before any Pan India Film came in 2013, He is India's Most desirable man
I repeat INDIA'S Most desirable man 🙏🙏
Only South Forever Desirable Man 🔥🔥
India's lady superstar Sridevi garu's favourite TFI actor ♥️♥️
And he is the first south hero to cross 10M mark in twitter 👌👌
You might not know but distributors know his market in North 🔥🔥
#ShraddhaKapoor said it just before Saaho release
He wanted to take TFI to next level in 2014 itself
He don't have any Pan India Craze only for people who don't know reality

Even before shoot started, his #SarkaruVaariPaata made record level business
How?? Just because of one brand name - #MaheshBabu 🔥🔥

He proved we need not do Pan India Film to have Pan India craze
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