Here's the thing - I do NOT believe in the idea that having a top 3 player means your team is automatically "better" This has been disproven a thousand times. It's just not realistic.
But when you have a super freak talent like that - It's inherently a bit easier to coach. And here's my example, you got two teams:

Team A: Bron/AD + role players
Team B: 2 stars, plus 7 ELITE role players and borderline stars.

The 2nd team IMO is more talented.
But the first team is easier to coach. Give the ball to Bron and just let itwork. they'll reach their potential.

Team B HAS more talent as a team - but you need a smart coach to reach their potential.

The reason I talk about this is:
You get a guy like Vogel, fortunate enough to coach ateam like this and everyones like "that's good coaching" but it's not he's doing what even the stupidest coach in NBA hist ory would do: Let Bron and AD work.

But if you have ateam like Boston, that essentially has 4 allstars
They must be WELL coached to reach their potential. YOu have to make that all work.

That's what we have seen this playoffs.
**disclaimer: Just because you have someone like Bron doesn't mean you aren't talented. See; Lue/Spo. They've proven through a variety of ways how talented they are as coaches.
Just to clarify: There's a THOUSAND different things you could try with that Boston team.

There isn't anything else you try with Bron on the team other than give him the ball EVERY TIME. That's what I mean about "easier to coach"
Doesn't mean great strategy isn't important. Of course it is.

Did we see that this playoffs? I'd argue no. (in regards to the Lakers)
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