I have been meaning to do this thread and since I have time now, let's jump on it

We are about to do the tour of Africa together, country by country, analyze the rate of teen pregnancies and ask our dear presidents when reproductive rights are going to be their priority
1. Welcome to Nigeria where in 2014 Nigeria had 22.9% of global teen pregnancies

1.25 million unsafe abortions occur annually for girls between the age of 15 to 22

So @MBuhari when is SRHR going to be an important and crucial task to achieve in Nigeria? https://www.guttmacher.org/fact-sheet/abortion-nigeria#
2. Welcome to Ethiopia where 79.6% of girls aged between 20-24, have experienced pregnancy during adolescence and where 1 in 27 women have died from unsafe abortion

So @PMEthiopia when are you declaring a state of emergency over the necessity of SRHR?

3. Welcome to Egypt where according to UNFPA Egypt, 1/5 population are girls under the age of 20, and 1 in 4 girls have already gone through pregnancy.And Unsafe abortions double annually

so @AlsisiOfficial when is SRHR going to be on Egypt's main agenda

10. Welcome to Angola, with the 2nd highest teen pregnancy rate in Subsaharan Africa. In 2017,Angolan women protested against the 10 years criminalization law of abortion

@jlprdeangola when are you making SRHR an urgency and less of criminalizing women? https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/health/article/2001341805/angola-has-second-highest-early-pregnancy-rate-in-sub-saharan-africa
17. We are in Chad where 47% of women had a baby before they turn 18

Ministry of Health recently named maternal mortality as one of the country's "most severe problems due to unsafe abortions"

@MIdrissDebyItno Quand la SDSR devient-elle votre priorité?

28. Welcome to Namibia where teenage pregnancy has been on the rise in the past decade and today, close to a fifth (19 percent) of young women between the ages of 15 and 19 have begun childbearing.

@hagegeingob any chance SRHR is becoming your priority?

Okay people, I am ending my thread here. 25 countries left and with similar data and there is the truth: the future of young girls is never cared for. Thanks to patriarchy

SRHR is about women's liberation.
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