This week a paper I co-wrote had over 1,200 views.
I studied for my masters.
Worked 3 x 11.5 hour shifts.
Attended a webinar about the future of the NHS.
Began writing a document to ensure timely, more effective response to disclosures of sexual assault. Also this week (1/3)
I had therapy & took meds.
My mother cooked most of my meals. Tidied my bedroom 😼. Did my washing. And collected my prescriptions...
This is the reality of life with chronic illness/ #mentalhealth .
I share it because I want people to know that its ok to achieve many things (2/3)
In one area, but still need lots of support in others.
It is ok to make sacrifices in order to fulfil your dreams.
It is okay to be proud of your achievements, even and especially if you didn't make your bed today as you were running late.
It is ok to be you, you are enough.❀
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