I’m Nancy Pelosi
I’m still Nancy Pelosi
I’m Nancy
Pelosi, I mean.
That’s right. I’m Nancy Pelosi.
(John Wick voice)
Yeah, I’m Nancy Pelosi
Pleased to meet you. Oh, my name? Why it’s Nancy Pelosi of course.
That’s right, you’re talking to Nancy Pelosi. Show a little respect.
You will rue the day you ever disrespected me (Nancy Pelosi)
Say my name (Nancy Pelosi)
I’m Nancy Pelosi. Out of my way.
My name is (what)
My name is (who)
My name is (chika-chika)
I remain Nancy Pelosi
Hi guys. It’s me again. And by me I of course mean Nancy Pelosi.
It’s never too early to talk to Nancy Pelosi, whom I am.
Say my name, say my name / In case you didn’t know me / My name’s Nancy Pelosi
One at a time, please! I am not Super Man. I am Nancy Pelosi.
I’m Nancy (1/2)
(2/2) ... Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi
I’m the Speaker of
The House
of Representatives.
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