Want to know more about who actually operates porn industry shill account RealYBOP (now calling itself "Anti-YBOP")? See: https://twitter.com/YourBrainOnPorn/status/1259187433872125952
It's now officially a stalker account - no longer hiding the fact that it has always been a stalker account.
All the above individuals list themselves on the @BrainOnPorn website: https://scienceofarousal.com/experts 
We assume they all approve of their twitter accounts ( @BrainOnPorn) vile, defamatory tweets and obsessive cyberstalking of those pointing out the harms of porn.
When asked to denounce the defamation/stalking by their group twitter account, they double down, supporting its defamation & harassment. See this thread: https://twitter.com/Stacisprout/status/1282419135855489024
Don't be surprised when you get added as a co-defendant in the federal defamation suits.
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