Stop lying.The only reason there is violence at any of these protests is because u lot come to them looking for trouble. Example, at March For Innocence, u showed up playing speakers on max volume in order for ppl not to hear Justin Barrett speak at the protest. Thread incoming
At the August 22nd Protest, yous came with a mass lot to counter protest again and agitate before being forced out. Had you not come, there wouldn't have been any violence. There is also this photo of this man here on your side clearly showing intent to cause violence on the 22nd
The man in the picture, Jerry Kelly also hosted an event ''Party Outside Gemmas house''. Now I'm not a fan of Gemma but leave her alone with this shite its straight harassment she's a widow too.
When I was on this fellas page, every single post was just harassing Gemma OD. It's pretty pathetic. Here he is also posting her address. He also posted the address of Craig Fitzsimons (he posted on a pic to make it harder to report)
Im blacking out any addresses. His friend here Anna De Bhal is also a tiny hat non-goyim which I thought was hilarious. I can't find the screenshot of that though have it somewhere ill post it when i do lol. Anyway back on track
At the August protests, you came with a large number of people shouting your Americanized politics like ''No Trump No KKK No fascist USA'' as seen with Jerrys photo looking for trouble.

Footage can be seen below courtesy of @TheBurkeanIE
When it came to the Izzy debacle, she came again with the sole purpose to agitate those there before being pushed and shoved away.
You can see here she is again a few days later after her supposed terrible head injury trying to stand in front of Dee Wall et al weekly pilgrimage to RTE. Again, standing in front asking for trouble/to be pushed. This shows that here reason of attendance is to agitate.
Izzy herself has also pretty much stated that she's fine with milkshakes and such being thrown into peoples faces and to punch anyone she deems them far right. Same with pretty any on the far left including the likes of Hazel Chu.
In 2015 when Identity Ireland were forming, yous busted into their launching event screaming around like banshees at it. Ronit Lentin, Mark Malone etc. I think Identity Ireland was stupid never liked them but see next tweets.
In March 2016, when RTE were filming ''I Am Immigrant'' yous attacked Peter O"Loughlin, founder of Identity Ireland on the Luas. I know its pointless point out this hypocrisy to yous but i wanna display it since yous are such lying pathetic whingers.
In 2016, Ronit Lentin as apart of NGO known as Anti-Racism Network Ireland who called for people to attend a counter protest against Pegida. This was pretty much state NGO agitation lmfao very rebellious. This then resulted in a violent clash.
A lot of Gardaí were injured over this counter protests with typical establishment stooges involved (People Before Profits kind, you know the party who have a history of abusing women that I've covered)
The likes of Paul Murphy and Roderic O'Gorman cheered this on. Paul Murphy has links to antifa has he has AFA Ireland liked on Facebook, is friends with Crudden/Leah/Malone on Facebook.
On Reddit has admitted he would ''be open to militant action'' against those he deems to be ''far right'' as well as speaking against far right violence in the Dáil but it seems he's fine with far left violence. Paul has also retweeted your page of a dox on someone.
Paul Murphy is a friend of Antifa agitator Eamonn Crudden

Eamonn is bald guy beside Izzy and her girlfriend, who here advocates for violence against political enemies. Eamonn doxxes people addresses on twitter for them to be harassed & students in Dundalk IT complained of him.
You can also see here Izzy celebrating the milkshake stuff with her wife or whatever and Crudden. Hilarious again how Paul can cry about far right while as in pic two women who were abused by a friend of Paul trying message him to get answers , to which he ignores
Paul Murphy also likes AFA Ireland on Facebook. AFA ireland was founded by Pedophile Pat Corcoran who is sometimes alongside at protests. This is a regular occurrence with Antifa and Pedophilia (in Ireland as we will get too and Internationally)
AFA Ireland was at the Pegida protests. Funny how Roderic wanted to be beside his Pedos in arms at these protests perhaps they wanted to meet Peter Tatchell at the Park afterwards. Anyways..
AFA Ireland had to start a GoFundMe to raise money (€5500) for the court cases over the violence they instigated. Funny how Mark Malone got that same amount of money removed from the victim of the Carrigaline stabbing.
Red Section are another group. They were tearing down National Party Posters during the election and spray painting them with swastikas etc. Funny how they won't do this to FF/FG posters who they claim to supposedly oppose. Both work together as they share each others posts
Here's a gay video Red Section made of them vandalizing National Party posters.
There's also Saoradh who seem to be showing up to your protests. It's funny how that's so considering Saoradh murdered Lyra McKee to which your side is meant to be all pro-LGBT (note - I am nowhere near this, just pointing out that its funny lol).
Here’s Brian Kenna of Saoradh and probably others lads from it in this video here from those pilgrimages to RTE. This was around August 8th
I just want to point out Saoradh for a few reasons too.

1. Youre allied with a group that has literally killed someone from a group that you supposedly represent (LGBT)

2. They have been infiltrated by M15 etc (see pica)
Drew Harris is the Garda commissioner. Drew was quoted as saying in Irish Times talking about ''far right'' being a national security threat (false btw) and now we have his M15 goons in Saoradh coming to counter protests again to agitate and cause these fights / violence.
Back to Red Section and AFA went to the Free Speech protest in December 2019. This is where they were seen attacking Garda.
Here is a video of a Guard being slapped across the head with a tripod by her Antifa colleagues at these protests.
Women and children assaulted by the antifa in Dublin at this protest too. Funny how they cried over gender fluid Izzy who wants to be a man getting a bop on the face / pushed while they are also attacking families.
If you want more proof they're establishment stooges, Trocaire were also standing with Antifa at these protests that turned violent only because these goons were there to cause violence since they know the media will spin it in there favour if there's push back (happening today).
I’ll post more videos later of free speech and rally4peace protests but u get the point
Here you are abusing elderly people during the repeal the 8th campaign, this was a frequent occurrence during that time
Here you are egging old people praying the rosary during the repeal the 8th campaign, this happened frequently too.
Here you are counter protesting and calling homeless Irish people Nazis because they’re protesting about 35 homes being leased to asylum seekers in Galway, the absolute state
Video below with pics of another Pedo hanging out with Antifa in Galway. Also there's another Pedo that I cant get into on twitter yet for reasons but he was a regular poster on Red Sections posts on facebook I noticed.

This individual also attended the Free Speech and such protests. There's more videos that if I get time during the week but I wanna sleep now and want to finish so I'll also just say this
This was meant to be a small thread on Antifa here as you can see from this pathetic tweet that try roll over and play victim/underdog because since March For Innocence they're receiving push back after for years being able to agitate people freely.
They don't like it and are now whinging. What's funny is they say we ''go out looking for violence'' - this simply isn't true, they come looking for it in their counter protests as seen above by their previous actions and what they post online
Take this: If we were the ones looking for trouble, why don't we turn up at their protests harassing them and trying to start fights? For example the BLM protests - most here are against that stuff going on especially given the Covid climate and shitlibs just decided
to abandon all their Covid hysteria and do a protest. That protest for me confirmed Covid is a mass hysteria due to how the media then portrayed that mass gathering to be fine to ''fight racism''
But if we were the violent ones looking for trouble, why didn't we go counter protest something like BLM? If we truly are the ones looking for trouble then we could have easily done that. But of course we didn't because we're not looking for trouble - they are.
Oh also here's a video of antifa harassing an Irish American who is trying to help revive the Irish language because they see him as far right.
I'll leave here and add more soon.
fs LAST THING AND then im stopping thread for now, here's pedo Pat Corcoran who founded AFA Ireland at a repeal the 8th protest
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