//Warning you may find this offensive..so you were warned..

I will say it now I am not homophobic..but I have constantly been seeing something were people are saying all the legends are LGBTQ+ and as of right now that is not a fact! All we know is that Loba is Bi, —>
—> Gibby is Gay, and Bloodhound is Non Binary. Which I’m 100omay with but when people keep saying that Wattson is Lesbian or Caustic isn’t straight. Quite frankly it feels kinda of forced I’m sorry if nobody wants to see this you may unfollow if you need to but —>
—> I will say again I do respect people from the LGBTQ+ community I wish to whoever reads this that you have a good day and ah least understand my point of view..and have some form of respect for me after this..
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