The Wire rewatch thread
words cannot describe how perfect the opening scene to the show is
this show does anime ops better than literally any anime i will fight over this
literally every court scene in this show is better than any court scene in any other tv show sorry not sorry
hey @DominicWest if you ever need some motivation im going too praise you constantly over the next 5 seasons of tv
stringer bell, idris elba, has infinite charisma and i love it so much
i cannot tweet as fast as the show gives me amazing shit to tweet about

"shit rolls, piss trickles" this comes up in the middle of the detectives office
"fighting the war on drugs, one brutality case at a time"

ahhhhhh so good and im 15 minutes in
oh and thats followed with
"girl you cant call this shit a war."
"why not?"
"wars end."

its so fucking good
bunk is here and i am happy
dominic west you sly son of a bitch
i cannot put how absurdly good the cinematography of this show is into words
@michaelb4jordan love everything about wallace
"there ya go givin a fuck when you aint gotta give a fuck"

beautiful fucking line
omg wallace is here that is my son
everything about the low rises too perfect
for everything i say in this thread i miss another 40 things i want to say
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