1/6 Short thread on nationalism in #Armenia and #Azerbaijan taken from a post by anthropologist Karolina Pawlowska on Facebook: "It is a myth that the current war is the result of both societies having been subjected to an intense and equal amount of nationalist brainwashing...
2/6 Firstly, nationalism does not equal nationalism, in its deepest core. While Turkish and Azeri nationalism is built upon the notion of expansion, the Armenian nationalism is based on the notion of defense, which implies two significantly different narratives and content.
3/6 Armenian nationalists are raised within the narrative of defense and ultimate sacrifice for the defense, and I will repeat it again, the defense of the homeland and the people inhabiting it...
4/6 while Turkish and Azeri nationalists are raised with the idea of conquering, which is a significant difference which cannot be ignored, neither publicly nor academically, as we anthropologists are mainly interested in the content of discourses.
5/6 We must understand that as all the states are equal due to international law, some states (I could give a long list here) are hostile in their narrative and actions towards others which obviously puts many public figures and opinion-makers in a state of deep confusion".
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