In the 1930's the US Govt employed a program known as "Mexican Repatriation" where 1.8 million Mexican-Americans were raided & deported, MOST OF WHICH WERE US CITIZENS.

The Hoover administration used the slogan "American jobs for real Americans".
The rationale was that Mexicans were taking jobs that should have gone to white Americans.

Local laws were passed that prevented Mexican-Americans from holding jobs & some laws even banned them from government employment, regardless of citizenship.
Companies like Ford, US Steel, and SPR laid off thousands of Mexican-American workers.
These unconstitutional raids began under Hoover and continued unsurpressed under FDR. What brought an end to the program was World War 2, when the US began recruiting temp Mexican workers because it needed wartime labor.
When I hear the same nonsense that Latino immigrants shouldn't be here, that they're taking "our jobs", that they should be deported...understand where the resistance to these racist talking points stem from. We aren't dispensable. Many of us are INDIGENOUS to the continent.
If that weren't enough, at least 1 MILLION of those "repatriated" under this program were US CITIZENS!! Except it wasn't repatriation. It was exile.
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