The new Azeri/Armenian war is evolving into a new type of confrontation. The Azeris using Israeli + Turkish tech have nullified the values of armor, air Defence and fortifications. Loitering drones and armed UAVs have taken rule over the battlefield.
Azeri tech has also converted 70 plus ancient AN-2 bi planes from the 60s into unmanned flying targets. mission is to fly over enemy territories, lure the Armenians into opening their air Defence radars and get themselves killed. Loitering drones would then kill the air Defence
One thing to note is that the Azeris have prepared too well while the Armenians seem to be stuck in 1980 tech. The OSA air defense is hopeless against Azeri attacks and we have seen batteries after batteries decimated and killed.
Armenian defense should immediately consider emergency purchases of valid anti drone systems. Radars and jammers and countermeasures must enter service without delay. Problem is that the best systems are western in nature and Russian types are sluggish at best. Ukraine won’t sell
It is also worth notice that most armies got rid of their light air Defence systems assuming the ultra heavy S- family would protect the skies. They were wrong.
In a few years the skies will be ruled by Swarm Killer Drones, once these are in the skies then nothing can be saved. Not a single army will be spared. Wars of the future are here and any lesson from the past is mere history. If you don’t have the means then you are dead.
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