wish we weren't plural so we wouldn't have to put our entire, very vulnerable system at risk when taking political action
we wouldn't survive in prison, we don't have the luxury of doing anything risky. Physical danger is so much more high stakes. Consent becomes impossible when there are children, persecutors, non anarchists and very scared people in your head you can't communicate with
between this and being physically disabled we feel so fucking useless. We're so limited in what we can do, and many of us r scared that others might do some real dumb shit one day because they get front stuck and r impulsive
ironically the very experience of being a disabled wreck which radicalised us is also the reason why we can't take radical action in most cases, which is extremely alienating. We can do praxis like mutual aid, propaganda work etc. Safe stuff.
but also we're not social anarchists for the most part. We don't like mass orgs or platformism or trade unions and our executive function is pure shit so we suck at meetings and organising. We can't even protest bc of fibro and trauma with big crowds. Not a lot of options left :/
maybe we should get into rewilding
🐶 I'm happy to do rewilding, mutual aid, squatting, printing (or writing!) zines/theory, videomaking (documentaries, interviews, visual format theory) and umm other wholesome stuff I'm probably forgetting!! we have options we just gotta agree on what to do
🐱 idm these i just wish we could do other stuff and live a life of crime, idk i don't want to pretend to be somebody I'm not 😐

🕸️ 7 years of illness, being too mentally ill and traumatised to leave our room. I can't keep that up, I need to get the fuck outside then I'm good
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