Rant Alert: I don't know #tanushreepandey personally but when I saw the work she did, in the dead of the night, in the circumstances she was in, I realised how she actually risked her life. #Hathras 1/n
As a woman reporter who has been on the field, I can assure people on Twitter that what #tanushreepandey did took a LOT of guts and commitment. I saw a few mins of two channels I have worked for, and saw how they were attacking Tanushree for ‘coaching’ the family. #Hathras 2/n
I can assure the non-journalists here that if audio tapes of journalists, particularly most on these two channels, it will shock and disgust any human. What #tanushreepandey was doing is coaxing. #Hathras 3/n
Many journalists have had to 'coax' our sources, subjects many many times because people are often reluctant to speak the truth. Or just speak. That is not called coaching. It is called doing the job of a reporter. Ask any reporter this. #Hathras 4/n
Stop going after #tanushreepandey , you vultures. This is not even just about her. For some contorted agenda you are even trying to justify all that is happening in #Hathras. Just how sick are you? -END-
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