Shouji x Kiribaku Voyeurism

We all kinda joke about how *awful* it must be for Shouji to have to listen to Kirishima and Bakugou blasting ass just a couple doors down, but what if it’s just the opposite.

What if he LOVES it?
He’s the youngest in the class and horny just like the rest of em, so imagine being so close but so far from the rabid horndogs of class A
He hears them, how could he not? Nothing is ‘behind closed doors’ when you’ve got a quirk built for espionage. It’s just a matter of growing a couple ears and listening for the moans and slams down the hallway
And Peeping Tom is his middle name; with a couple ears listening, he grows an eye that slithers out the window to peek through the glass door to the balcony of Bakugous room so he can watch his classmates shag like feral animals
This goes on night after night. How any two people could have the sexual stamina that Kirishima and Bakugou must have is beyond him, but Shouji has excellent fapping material served to him on a silver platter just a little bit after 10 each night
It’s bad, he KNOWS it’s bad, but if they didn’t want him to listen, then maybe they should stop screaming each other’s names so loud when they climax.
It’s even better when they decide to bump uglies in Kirishima’s room, because not only can Shouji hear it and see it, he can *feel* it with his back pressed against the wall where the red-heads bed is, just a few layers of drywall separating him from temptation
Shouji is no angel. Just because he’s only shown his classmates that he can make extra hands and mouths and ears doesn’t mean that’s ALL he can make.

Mouths are great and all, but wouldn’t his classmates like an extra set of dicks to work with? More hands and mouths? More ASS?
It didn’t take much creativity to figure out that he could make flesh lights out of his own appendages. He’d been doing it to himself for years. It beat a hand any day of the week.

And it was *always* tight
He’s too shy to say anything to them, so he just muffles his cries of pleasure when he times his orgasms to match perfectly in sync with Bakugou’s choked cries as Kirishima finishes inside of him
The longer they’re together, the rowdier Kiribaku get when they’re in the sack and Shouji CANNOT DEAL. He has 4 eyes in the window, a shaky hand on the door to the balcony, and a drooling mouth on the brink of asking if he could come in.
But then right as Kirishima pumps his load into Bakugou, right as he presses flush into a mating press against the blonde’s greedy ass, the red-head turns to the door and winks.

“He’s all ready for you, Shouji~”
Shouji had his ass against the floor, but if you believe for a second that he was incapable of vaulting to Bakugou’s balcony from his own, then you truly do not understand the power of being cucked for agonizing months
Bakugou only panicked a little bit when the knob was torn clean off his sliding door, but Kirishima just flashed his teeth in a huge smile with a “fuck yeah, man! That was so manly!”
What ended up happening was between the three of them.

But Bakugou learned as he tried to hide his sore limp the next day that he had reached his limit with his dick getting milked and 3 squirming dicks in his ass.

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