1. Questions i'd ask, and would expect to answer, if i was still at White House. When exactly did you determine that Ms Hicks tested positive? When was the President informed? What was the President's reaction? What steps were taken to quarantine and contact trace? Why was the
2. Biden campaign not informed? If the WH knew before the President left for his campaign event why wasn't the trip cancelled? When was the President tested? If he wasn't tested right away, why not? How long was it between the time you knew the President tested positive and the
3. tweet was sent? What symptoms did the President exhibit before he left the White House for NJ? What symptoms did he exhibit at the campaign event? What have people who have been in contact with the President been told and when were they told? Why didn't the President, knowing
4. what he knew, at least wear a mask at the campaign event? Why didn't staffers ordered to wear masks once the Hicks infection was known? Why wasn't @PressSec informed of the infection? Reports indicate that Hicks was diagnosed early in the day, before the WH briefing. Why did
5. the Chief of Staff say they found out just before the President left for NJ? Who is telling the truth here? What are the President's symptoms and what therapeutics is he taking? Is he still taking Hydrocholorchine or therapeutic plasma? Who is directing his care and where
6. is he being cared for in the White House? What would necessitate a move to Walter Reed? Given the mystery around the President's health, is there anything more you want to tell us know about the unscheduled visit to Walter Reed last year? Are you concerned that the President's
7. obesity will complicate his recovery? Does the President have any regrets about his approach to the dealing with the coronavirus? Will the President be wearing a mask going forward to protect those around him? Given the lack of truth telling, how can you assure us we are
8. accurate information? Yesterday @PressSec said things like the President has done more to denounce white supremacy than any President in history. Given that obvious lie, will the White house need someone new to brief the public? What was Congress told and when? What were our
9. allies told and when? Was the NY Stock exchange and other markets informed? Did you consider halting trading at any point? Can you assure us no one used inside information to trade on this news? How can we trust you after the last 4 years?
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