***My Conversation with libbu Colleague***

I argued my Muslim colleague from Bihar on Bihar Elections. He said "Bihar represents 55% Muslim vote share".

I said "Muslims could form a Govt. & since we didn't have a Muslim Chief Minister ever".

Cont. Thread 1.
He told me "India is a Hindu Country, it can't have Muslim Chief Minster"

"If Bihar elected a Muslim Chief Minister, State can't be secular"

This was shocking! India looses it's Secularism, if Muslims forms the Govt. & When a Muslim becomes a Chief Minister.

Cont. Thread 2:
If our own Muslim brothers still believes in Secularism, then let him think twice before when a Mob chases him to lynch him.

Our Muslim brothers have gone astray & they have been blinded with faith of Democracy.

Cont. Thread 3:
Racism, Fascism, Anarchism, Apartheid Era of RSS is prevalent & rigid in the grounds of every Indian state.

So called Secular Muslims are deluding innocent Muslims for their own benefit to keep themselves funded from the leading parties or from the opposition.

Cont. Thread 4:
Those who hurl Constitution book or Dr. Ambedkar photo during protest are they biggest losers of all time. That book has just represented Brahminical colors rather it's just a book with bullshit words.
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