My parents raised me to not wish ill on people. If I was to say anything other than I'm having a hard time following their lessons right now, I would be lying. At first, I was telling myself say a prayer & I did that. Then I woke up this morning & there's just this rage.
What he & his ilk have put is through for five years. What he has done this year alone. He lied about that shit from jump. He has cost us so much & we're supposed to feel sympathy? I've always been able to take the moral higher ground but on this it is so hard to do.
200,000+ people are dead because of him. He went around calling it a hoax. He disregarded the science. He lied. He fucking went around demanding to reopen the country when they found out it was Black & Brown folk being affected. We're supposed to feel sorry for them??? How???
My husband, son, & I could've died because of him. Many of us still suffer months later because of him. Many lives destroyed because of him. Kids' lives upended because of him. People died alone because of him. We could not properly grieve for our loved ones because of him.
I'm not taking the higher road. Fuck that. You fucking reap what you fucking sow. Like he said about our loved ones, it is what it is.

I'll be proudly casting my vote against his depraved ass.
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