For those of you who don't have time to read the news and want their updates in less than 400 characters, here's some bite-sized info about the big stories of the week that we wrote about. (1)
Around mid-September, the FATF-related bills with regards to money laundering and anti-terrorism were passed. This brings us closer to complying with the remaining 13 points to lift us from the grey-list. Some clauses that should concern all of us now that they are law are... (2) amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act, which empowers the investigation officer to “use techniques including but not limited to undercover operations, intercepting communications…for investigation of offences of money laundering," (3)
It is regrettable that these amendments were passed without proper debate and the blame for that lies greatly on an ineffective opposition. (4)
Story 2: It's been a bad month all around for women. It is clear that not only is the CCPO victim-blaming and sexist- having reiterated his remarks infront of the Senate, but is also not taking it seriously, as the Senate observed that he kept messing up the facts of the case.(5)
While the government is trying to make it up by introducing a national emergency helpline to call in such cases, things appear bleak. Upon being asked to deploy police personnel at the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, the CCPO refused, saying there is shortage in Lahore Police. (6)
Presently, the Lahore police faces shortage of 4,056 police officials. The Lahore police seem helpless in tracing one of the two motorway gang-rape suspects. The Lahore-Sialkot motorway area largely remains unmanned. Such a distressing state of affairs. (7)
Amidst all this, the FIA shows its priorities by booking Meesha Shafi and 8 others under section 20 (1) of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016, related to offences against the dignity of a natural person, and Section 109 (Punishment of abetment) of the PPC.(8)
No matter what you think of the Ali/Meesha case, it is daunting that the FIA is booking women just for speaking out. Think of the implications this has on women who want to speak out about sexual abuse, but who now know that on top of the stigma, they will face prosecution too(9)
Okay, this is tiring. Should I keep this up or am I just speaking to the void here?
Many other updates, like the GB election, and whatever the hell the opposition is up to now. lemme know if you guys would be interested in such weekly threads or if I should just go back to writing my freqaking dissertation. 🙃
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