See any mis/disinfo about the Trump coronavirus diagnosis? @ me
3. There's a fake Trump campaign fundraising email making rounds.
5. Two things about this video making rounds. One: It's deceptively edited to show Biden coughing. Two: It's from Sept. 30, not yesterday (source:

We are still waiting on test results from Biden. More on Trump's exposure here:
6. Say no to anonymous "news" accounts.
8. While medical treatments for the coronavirus have definitely improved, the "not as powerful" claim is false.
9. No, there isn't. This is fake.
10. Yes but also no.
11. No, the Simpsons did not air an episode showing Trump dying in office. Here's our debunk of this froooooooom 2017!
12. This is not accurate. According to the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the president is exhibiting mild symptoms. Source:
RE: number 9.

*extreme DJ Khaled voice* Another one!
👆To be clear, the tweet above is fake. Sorry, didn't think it would get misread for real with strikethrough and context of thread but here we are.
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