Renewables are not renewable. They require massive quantities of finite raw materials and energy to create/mine.
A 1000 pound EV battery requires 25lb Lithium, 30lb Cobalt, 60lb Nickel, 110lb graphite, 90lb copper, and more.

This requires ~90,000lb of mined Ore and therefore ~500,000lb’s of total earth moved to extract these resources.
As ore grades continue to decline globally with low hanging fruit already picked, environmental impact and energy required to extract these resources will intensify. Impacts to land, water, etc all must be considered. Renewables are not renewable
I believe a mix of all energy sources are required to maintain standard of living, which is essentially access to cheap energy.

Fossil fuels have been demonized. It’s time for Renewables to play by the same rules. There are major environmental implications for developing both
75% of oil and 100% of natural gas are transported to markets via pipelines. The most energy efficient means of energy transport.

Nearly all “green” materials are transported by truck which is a 1000% increase in per tonne mile embodied in the transport of energy materials
By 2050, the International Renewable Energy Agency forecasts solar waste will constitute double the total tonnage of all global plastic waste. Despite the many facts in this thread, Renewables seem to get a free ride. They are not renewable and should play by the same rules
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