Completely agree that rape shouldn’t be politicised. And here is how it shouldn’t be- A case should be registered earliest. Not ten days after the incident. The rape should not be dismissed as ‘fake news’ with threats to those who ask for justice because it spoils govt image...
The victim should be given the best possible medical care. If she unfortunately dies, her body should be handed over to her grieving parents. They should be allowed to cremate her according to their rituals. They should not be made to beg to see their daughter one last time....
Police action should be in favour of the victim and her family. Not to protect the image of the govt. The government is not the rapist so why does it feel reporting on rape is an attack on it?
The family should not be maligned, threatened just to protect the image of the government. The image of the govt would be better if it came across as being empathetic instead of heartless and cruel.
The victim’s family should be allowed to meet whoever they wish to- opposition party leaders, activists, lawyers and media. Whoever, they feel, will help them get justice. Remember being on the side of the victim doesn’t mean it’s against the govt. It’s only against the rapists.
‘Friendly’ channels shouldn’t be asked to malign the victim’s family and reporters who are putting out facts. Again, I ask- is siding with the victim an attack on the govt? Is it political to speak up for her? Shouldn’t the govt also speak up, even more strongly, for her?
The state’s top cop shouldn’t do a press conference saying there is no rape because there is no semen despite a dying declaration. That’s not even correct as per the law. Govt image isn’t made by hushing up a crime. It’s made by handling it firmly in favour of the victim.
The victim’s family shouldn’t be made prisoners in their own homes. Their phones should not be snatched away. The govt should not be rampantly tapping phones too. The idea shouldn’t be to cover up a crime or make the victim’s family sorry for reporting it.
Rape should not be politicised. To ensure it isn’t is everyone should speak up for the victim & her family. A rape isn’t a political event. It’s a crime. By trying to protect an image govts end up covering up the crime. We are all on the side of the victim. The govt should too.
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