We all know the saying... Fool me once shame on you. But fool me twice and it’s shame on who?

Deja Vu Spanish Flu 1919 - 100 Years Ago

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First documented case started in the fall 1918

Cities quickly adapted the same measures and ordinances we are still using today

Even a masks in public “except at mealtime”
The “health man” says wear a “mask/veil” for “almost absolute prevention” or be “charged with disturbing the peace.”

Initial public compliance: 80%.

Meanwhile city health officer and mayor both fined at boxing match for non compliance.

(Get a load of those stylish masks)
Sound familiar? Deja vu?

Except Fauci and Cuomo were never fined, just caused commotion and swept under the rug
Cases continued to surge with over 6 million deaths in the span of 12 weeks worldwide

Media made sure to pump fear - “Flu 5x deadlier than World War”

Same fear monger today - “May double before vaccine” and “Coronavirus...as deadly as 1918 flu pandemic”
So many deaths, that “bodies feed steady fires” in Tahiti while food and medicine is scarce

“So many bodies...hospitals are full and doctors see no end in sight” posted at 9:11
Great shortages were pushed to sell the seriousness of the outbreak and help legitimacy of the figures

If Covid is a respiratory issue, not digestive, why the toilet paper shortage?
“Emergency demands” came from “War Industries Board” to “confine product to the most simple type” of coffins

Today in plain sight, Indonesia uses “shock coffins” as a way to warn citizens about the dangers of the outbreak
High ranking members of society seemed to be prevalent in contracting the illnesses

There is a list online 100+ names long for positive coronavirus test results of politicians and celebrities
The virus was “particularly fatal” to Indians, just as today, it’s “disproportionately killing” African Americans
Propaganda posters were short, catchy, and to-the-point, some with a jingle - “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” to keep people socially involved

A nice touch with the demon depicted rising out from the mans spit! #HumanityIsNotAVirus
Now we have social media, hashtags, terms, and labels for everything, that come out of nowhere, that are much less formidable

# FlattenTheCurve
# TheNewNormal
# StopTheSpread
# SocialDistancing
# SelfIsolation
Political parties played their hidden hand, the people followed suit. Division caused by choice of political stance creates chaos among the people.

Anti-Mask leagues were created. Citizens were shot and arrested by Deputy Health Officers for “refusal to don an influenza mask”
Anti-Mask meetings and protests were organized regarding the efficacy and safety of masks, as well as, questioning scientific data and the civil liberty infringements or unconstitutionality

A doctor was quoted “Masks were as useful as a barbed wire fence for keeping out flies”
The plandemic began to lose traction, lifting the quarantine “in spite” of the influenza “scare”

Referred to as a “ridiculous state of affairs” by a “panic stricken government” that had “unfairly forced citizens to mope and home and get influenza of the brain.”
As normal state of affairs return

“Health authority foresees another epidemic...declaring people gained nothing from their experiences”

Just as Bill Gates is upset people are “ignoring the epidemic” and his prediction of a “second wave”
Translation: “health officer foresees [more chaos is coming] declaring people gained nothing from their experiences [via law and order]”

The second wave is seemingly a threat in spite of non compliance or unacceptance of “the new normal” during the first series
A perfect divide and conquer tactic to create order out of chaos

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice and it’s shame on who? Shame on me. Blame goes on us individually, to take responsibility.
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