That Trump and his family we’re flying all over the country and disregarding local COVID protocols remains shocking. The stupidity, the arrogance, the ubermenchness.
Hicks and Trump should issue formal apologies to everyone who was at the debate, everyone she came in contract w/on Wed and everyone the President came in contact w/on Thur.

The recklessness of all this, disregard for others, is MINDBOGGLING.
The head of the White House's coronavirus task force will spending 2 hours with the American people in prime time next week. Will be interesting to hear how he explains their recklessness, refusal to follow protocols, whether he is willing to apologize.
Going to be an awful lot of pissed off people waiting for direct public apologies from Team Trump. Secret Service, donors, national press corps, Biden campaign......
NJ Governor takes steps to look out for the folks with Trump yesterday before Trump and the campaign does.
Wow, this #TrumpCOVID affair is now no longer just reckless and stupid, it's becoming sinister, malevolent.
White House has a few hours to announce wholesale changes in their internal COVID protocols or Meadows, Trump, Pence, Jared are going to look like MONSTERS.
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