October surprise on Oct. 1.
What to look out for: Hope Hicks is great co-conspirator; he could elicit sympathy and prayers. No more debates, and just before election he can be better and tell everyone not to worry, the vaccine is coming and he will make the economy boom again.
Let us see if the media can pick this up. The timing is uncanny for him, as everything else was going wrong after his debate performance without being able to reverse the polls.
We of course know that he is “ingenious” at knowing what to do to his advantage, because of the severity of the pathology, and this is why psychological containment is important. This is the beginning of our test.
This is not conspiracy theory but “considering all possibilities,” given his psychological makeup. We have to think outside the usual box, too: faking “death” and moving to Moscow, for example (other dictators have done this). Thinking only in the usual will catch us off guard.
Anyhow, these are all models, in line with an understanding of his psychology, and not to be taken literally. We are in a very dire situation, vulnerable to all manner of manipulation.
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