There are a lot of effects that Trump getting COVID could have. 1) If He beats it, he can say it was easy and lean into the “Apex Predator” crap. 2) Regardless of how he fares, he can (and probably will) use it to gin up sympathy. (1/several)
3. He could die from it. Not a joke. 4) He could use this to pass off power to Pence; then if Pence loses, he gets the blame not Trump. 5) He could pass power off to Pence and if Pence wins try to claim he should still be President since he was on ballots at top of ticket.
6) He could use this to pivot in his approach and try to get rid of a major negative for him in the polls. 7) He could do none of these things, get better, stay in charge and just start governing even worse due to memory loss— a symptom of COVID.
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