Partition of Bharat
India was supposed to get 300 Crore from Pakistan and Pakistan was supposed to get 75 crores from India. A better question would be, " If Pakistan was getting Rs. 75 crores, what was India supposed to get ?

All things were divided in 80:20 ratio between India and Pakistan. But, few things were there which can’t be divided.

So, in lieu of taking those things one country has to give Price of that thing to the other country. In that respect Single-Single drops make Ocean.
So, Pakistan was to give 300 Crore and India was to give 75 crore.
So, real debt was on Pakistan which she agreed to pay in 3 installments.
But, since Pakistan was also poor nation and required money so Gandhi asked Nehru to give
India part of debt to Pakistan that is 75 crore and Pakistan will give 300 crores later on to India.
Nehru gave first installment of 20 crore, but Pakistan used that money in Kashmir war of 1947. So, Nehru refused to pay further.
But Gandhi was adamant he said we must to our task honestly give rest 55 crores and our brother Pakistan’s heart may change & will give 300 crore to us when their condition will get normalized.
So, Gandhi did fast in undue favour of Pakistan. Nathuram Godse had seen Poor people dying in hunger, he thought if Nehru will give 55 crore on insist of Gandhi then more people will die. So, he decided to kill one man to SAVE lives of Millions.
Also, he believe Gandhi to be responsible for death of millions in Partition as he did nothing to stop partition and surrendered to Jinnah. So, he thought till the time this man is alive India will never progress & people will be keep dying because of him, so he killed Gandhi.
He said all this in statement in court & Judge said Nathuram is right on his stand but to abide the law he has to order capital punishment to him. Nehru Govt hid Nathuram’s statement as secret document citing that it will create law and order problem.
Pakistan is yet to pay back a total of 300 crores pre partition debt to India, till this date.
They still carry forward it in the accounts.

Two legends,one gave money to Pakistan for Kashmir war of '47 and the other one fought against Pakistan in '71,both were born today.
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