On this Friday, six things I am certain of.

1 Antisemitism is a pillar of anti-Israel activism.
Wherever the Palestinian flag is raised in the west - antisemitism will be one of the key pillars holding it aloft.
2. You only have to look at the demographic history of the MENA region to know that the major ethnic cleansing that took place in the last 100 years was Jews being removed from arab lands. An obvious and undeniable truth.
3 Most of what is said about Israel by pro-Palestinian campaigners is absolute garbage. Fiction - demonising lies, bunkum and poppycock.

You therefore have to wonder - why anti-Israel activists have to tell so many lies. Why are they scared of the truth.
4. Reverse causality. The conflict ONLY exists today because the Soviet Union, despotic Arab states and UNRWA wanted perpetual conflict. They deliberately created a near unsolvable puzzle between 1948 and 1967.

And then they blamed Israel for everything.
5. The worst offenders against Palestinian human rights are Palestinians and their Arab brothers. From Lebanon to Egypt, Kuwait to Syria and back to Gaza - there has been untold violence, repression, Apartheid & slaughter.

yet nobody cares -least of all BDS, the BBC or Guardian
6. If Israel acted exactly the same but had a Muslim majority - all those fighting against it today would hold it aloft as a shining example of Muslim tolerance, society and democracy.

The hate is all about Israel's Jewish identity.
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