I will try to restate what I said in the @aconsres Early Career Researcher seminar today. Profs/chairs - when you start hiring again after #COVID19 you will have plenty of choice. Don't just hire the best CV. Don't ignore those who weren't as productive #AcademicTwitter [1/3]
The person who had childcare duties, eldercare duties, physical and mental health issues, or maybe even lost a loved one shouldn't be ignored. They are the exact people with authentic experiences that your students will connect with and will also know how to fight back [2/3]
There are definitely some who have benefited from the lockdown and whose CVs have grown as a result. That's awesome for them, BUT, discounting others simply reinforces the privilege in the academy that we must break down. Hire the whole person. #AcademicTwitter #phdchat [3/3]
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