What is wrong with you people? Why in god's name would anyone believe this tripe with absolutely no numbers or evidence to back any of it up? Shame on you all who believed this garbage. https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1311883569086623744
Fact check these rumours people. Don't believe random people on the internet who make nonsense random aircraft tracking claims with absolutely no supporting evidence. @trbrtc nails it and knocks it out of the park. https://twitter.com/trbrtc/status/1311930485959004161?s=19
🇺🇸 #USNavy E-6B use Mode-S or ADS-B, and are visible pretty much daily. Rumours about them changing their posture yesterday b/c of #COVID19 are false. The data is readily available through open source flight data.

What if you had a link, that you could click, that would show you each aircraft, were the aircraft was today, or any day for the past several months?

Yes, you can do that today from your couch, like I do; ships, planes, whatever.

Over 12K RTs and 21.1K likes

There are a lot of people who need media literacy training in the United States of America, and mental health care.
(repeating myself)

Now, a new completely untrue story in the American collective consciousness.

"Remember that time POTUS got COVID19 and they launched those doomsday planes? I saw it on Twitter, it must be true!"

At best an honest mistake; at worst psyops targeting Americans
Quite right, people should be asking, WHY? https://twitter.com/adamjones8350/status/1312037096731881475?s=20
Business Insider FTW

"No, the US military did not mobilize its 'doomsday planes' in response to Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis" https://twitter.com/jchaltiwanger/status/1312036191211065350?s=20

OMG there are THREE E-6Bs over the United States right now; TWO using Mode-S, and ONE using ADS-B! 😱




It's nice that @navybook and @DefenseBaron are on the right side of this.

Otherwise smart honest people like Mr Williams are spreading it, still. This is the problem with accounts like
@oneunderscore__ unknowingly spreading over-hyped, politically biased, misinformation/disinformation.

Give it air, and it spreads like fire. https://twitter.com/Williams4TN/status/1312062993295912960?s=20
Anyone know what @BWilliams said exactly about the misinformation/disinformation E-6B story? Video maybe? https://twitter.com/yulaviation/status/1312151919113064448?s=19
...and the great @ArmsControlWonk was quoted in Wired saying... https://twitter.com/ArmsControlWonk/status/1312237089681895424?s=19
Here is the whole article, nice job by @lilyhnewman driving home why the E-6 story is total garbage. https://twitter.com/lilyhnewman/status/1312134329250672640?s=19
Open source data DISPROVES the absurd claims that are made by some rando on the internet. The @DefenseOne piece about the E-6B freak-out doesn't get that. ALL the open source data DISPROVES what was claimed.

NOBODY FACT-CHECKED THE STORY B4 PUBLISHING IT https://twitter.com/steffanwatkins/status/1312367203245850624?s=19
@MarcusReports FYSA, I should have tagged you rather than the Defense One account; pardon me.
I want journalists to know the data is available to them, often for free, and report the truth, with context. That shouldn't be too radical. This was not a case where the information was super-secret and unavailable, it's available info and nobody looked. https://twitter.com/ra6bit/status/1312385466772213763?s=19
👇 👍 https://twitter.com/tshugart3/status/1312385153025490945?s=19
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