Report argues there is a 'financing gap' for biodiversity that we must 'close'. This is completely misleading: it is not about MORE finance within an unsustainable economy, but transforming the unsustainable economy.

But neoliberal ideology cannot see that, hence the following:
"Philanthropy is a way to distribute profits. Investing is a way that private sector generates profit". Hence we need "tax breaks, derisking guarantees and regulatory requirements—that induce the private sector to invest".

Of course: only private profits can ensure public aims
Report basically makes a plea for doubling down on commodifying - literally - the whole world and enabling private profiteering as the main way to restore biodiversity. This is not just a fantasy, its a deliberate and dangerous ideological attack on biodiversity.

But, the chair of the @PaulsonInst, former Goldman Sachs banker Henry Paulson, a staunch neoliberal ideologue, ends his forward saying 'nature is priceless'. Things cannot become more ironic and contradictory.
This wilful ideological misinformation and the status quo-powers behind them is precisely what #ConvivialConservation @convivconserv and many others ( @LongoFiore) are up against. Clearly, an uphill battle. 
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