Today's #OccupationOfTheDay is...BOGIE CLEANER:

"removes accumulated grease and dirt, with a band brush, from bogies [wheeled chassis] and underframe of railway rolling stock, preparatory to repair."

Dict of Occup'l Terms (1927), p.297, Internet Archive
Now I don’t have any photos of bogie cleaners to accompany today’s #OccupationOfTheDay, but here’s a group of more general “locomotive cleaners” - in this case all women - pictured in March 1917. Photo from OnTrac’s #history of #women in rail:
You can also see #railway engine cleaners at work in Newcastle in 1942, further down the same article (image via Hastings Press):
@RWLDproject if you have any specialist insights into this role or know where we could find images of Bogie Cleaners at work, then I’m sure we’d all love to learn! Thanks 😊 #OccupationOfTheDay
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